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How To Get A Title For A Motorcycle With A Bill Of Sale

How to get a title for a motorcycle with a bill of sale Whether you wish to explore the freedom of the open roads or simply save on your gas bill, a motorcycle will check all the right boxes.

In life, doing things the right way is always the best way. That means that any asset purchase agreement must ensure the legal transfer of ownership, meet all legal requirements for ownership licenses, and contain sufficient information for insurance purposes. The Bill of Sale is such an important document and, if done correctly, should officially and legally transfer the ownership rights of the asset from the seller to you, the buyer.

How To Get A Title For A Motorcycle With A Bill Of Sale?

Is the cost of a new Harley just too much, and you are in the market for a used motorcycle? Let's look at how to get a title for a motorcycle with a bill of sale.

Buying from a dealer is the easiest route with the assumption that the motorcycle you buy comes with a clean title certificate or a 'pink slip,' and this title is handed to you before you get to ride that shiny Harley off the sales floor.

But, what if you go the private seller route? And what if the seller does not have the certificate of title for the motorcycle you want to buy? Perhaps this is too good a deal to pass up, and you are prepared to overlook the fact that there is no pink slip.

Reasons Why a Motorcycle May Have A Missing Title

  • It was lost. This is easy to understand and with no serious implications.
  • The current owner never received a title certificate. Perhaps the current owner never bothered to take the motorcycle out of the previous owner's name.
  • Damaged or unroadworthy motorcycle. Using the VIN, you can look up the service history to highlight potential issues and, importantly, if the bike had been in any previous accidents.
  • Your dream motorcycle is stolen. Do some homework as above using the VIN, and check to see if the title is clean and if there is no report of theft or involvement in criminal activity. Any unsavory findings should prompt you to walk away. It's just not worth the effort.

You have established that the sale is above board and legit, but some additional homework is necessary before handing over your dollars. You need to ask some questions; how do I meet all the legal requirements, and can you register a motorcycle with a bill of sale only?

How To Get A Title For A Motorcycle With A Bill Of Sale?

Let's assist you in what is a relatively easy but rather dragged-out process.

Step One: Get The Correct Documentation

A private seller means you will transact outside of a dealership and will need the necessary documents. This means a deep-dive search on the internet to find an example bill of sale motorcycle, and a free motorcycle bill of sale seems the most cost-effective way to go.

Let's consider some options on the type of document to use. Whether a simple used motorcycle bill of sale or a blank motorcycle bill of sale, they all serve the same purpose, and plenty of free downloadable templates will suffice.

Step Two: Fill In The Details

The second step in the process of getting a simple bill of sale for a motorcycle shows the relevant title office that the motorcycle now in your possession was acquired legally. Details required on the bill of sale may vary by state. Still, typically, this should include the names of the buyer and the seller, a clear description of the motorcycle purchased, its condition, the agreed sales price, any payment terms, delivery details, and the date of the sale.

You will meet with the seller, ready to buy your new toy and, most importantly, armed with two hard copies of your chosen bill of sale. Doing so will allow you to get all details written up there and then.

Step Three: How To Write A Bill Of Sale For A Motorcycle

This brings us to the third step of the process, which is how to write a bill of sale for a motorcycle. You will need to include accurate details of both the seller and you as the buyer, as well as payment terms and motorcycle details.

Here are the requirements:

  • The correct name and physical address of both parties to the agreement.
  • Location of the sale.
  • Payment terms.
  • Delivery details.
  • Motorcycle details, VIN, make, model, and year.

With two signed copies of the bill of sale, the seller gets to keep a copy, and you, as the buyer, take your copy once payment is concluded.

Step Four: Notarize Your Document

On a side note, a third party, though not required, may witness the transaction, or for added security, you may notarize the document. Doing so means that both parties will sign the motorcycle bill of sale with a notary or a licensed public officer. The notary's signature and seal guarantee the authenticity of the signatures on the bill of sale.

Step Five: Visit the County Clerk

The completion of the bill of sale and signing thereof means that a compulsory visit to your local county clerk or tax office is your next stop to record the now legal document. For those who need to be aware of this, it is a legal requirement in some states for the seller to remove the bike's license plate before physically transferring the motorcycle to the new owner. The registration of the bill of sale is then used to estimate any applicable taxes payable on the sale agreement.

What To Do If A Motorcycle May Have A Missing Title

As mentioned earlier, your recently acquired motorcycle, unfortunately, came with no title, and completion of the title transfer implies the required possession of a title for this purpose. But there is no need to panic; it can be done; let's see what this entails:

A visit to your local DMV, along with your newly acquired motorcycle, your all-important bill of sale, and sufficient funds of around $50, will get the job done.

The DMV will do a VIN inspection and contact the police department or other authorities to ensure the motorcycle is not stolen or has an outstanding lien.

You will need to complete the necessary lost title forms to generate a new title in your name, which will then be mailed to the address on the form. This process has no shortcut, but your bill of sale is the key to proving ownership and obtaining the new title.

Temporary registration will be issued until the new title documents are received. The temporary registration will also allow new license plates to be issued.

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