Zodiac FC470 Inflatable Military Navy Boat Combat Rubber for sale$10,000

For sale is a Zodiac Combat Rubber Raiding Craft.

It's the real deal, ex-US Navy military boat that is in excellent shape. Used by the SEALs and other special forces to this day. It has no leaks, no issues, the engine runs 100%. It's got no excuses, it's ready to launch and go boating tomorrow. It's the air floor model which is highly desirable

over the slat or ply floor, it's a $4950 upgrade when that boat was new, on top of a $23,000.00 base price. The air floor increases stiffness, comfort and cargo capacity. This boat tops out at 20kts, video available on request. Boat was enjoyed all summer but it's time for something larger.

Extremely reliable Yamaha Enduro 40 horsepower engine. Tiller control. The engine is pull start and easy to pull, it starts the 1st or 2nd pull each time. Research the Yamaha Enduros, they are the engine that they use for fishing in remote areas of Africa where they have no maintenance or spares for hundreds of miles. They're absolutely legendary in reliability. Some fishing boats go 150 miles offshore with these with filthy watery gas and they make it back every time. They might be the most overbuilt and reliable outboard engines ever built. The whole boat is hypalon, not PVC.

It's the Futura hull shape with speed tubes and air keel. It has the air/heli/and para-drop kit which includes all the extra D-rings and attachments. It also has the underwater cache kit, which allows deployment from submarine and inflation via scuba tank. The valves are there, but the scuba tank yoke adapter is not. The boat is made in Spain with tons of French made components. It's a proper Zodiac, not a cheap chinese made inflatable. The package includes the Zodiac boat with air pump, Yamaha engine with a full 12 gallon tank, and the trailer. For the boat I have CT paperwork in hand.

There is no paperwork for the trailer, however it has new lights which all work and it is solid and roadworthy with good tires. The zodiac sits on a framework made of PVC pipe, centered with the tubes and speed tubes, it sits way above any bolts or anything sharp on the trailer. It's a very secure and safe setup, which is also easy to haul and launch. I can deliver a fully paid boat, I'm negotiable on distance and cost. I believe ebay allows notes in offers where you could specify delivery if needed. I prefer cash on pickup, a check would have to be fully cleared by my bank which takes approx 2 weeks.

Message with any questions, thanks for looking. You can also reach me at 860874xyz X. I prefer text but calls are ok too. Check out the following links for more info: Listedbuy. com/military-inflatable-boats/Listedbuy. com/Zodiac-FC470-N10317. htm Listedbuy. com. au/manuals/Zodiac%20F470%20User%20Manual. pdf

  • Price: $10,000

  • Type: Boats Inflatable Rib

  • Location: Norwich, CT

  • Condition: Used

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