1955 Packard 400 for sale $20,000

Being a Senior-level car, the 400 got the larger of the two V-8s that Packard debuted in 1955, a 352-cubic-inch mill with 8.5:1 compression, a Rochester 4GC four-barrel carburetor and output rated at 245 horsepower.

Among the extensive mechanical service the engine received from 2008 through 2018 include a full tune-up, conversion of the electricals

to negative ground, a generator rebuild and voltage regulator replacement, freeze plug replacement, valve guide replacement, radiator re-coring, battery replacement and a new exhaust system with glass-pack mufflers. The Rochester carburetor was also replaced with a similar component.

The Ultramatic two-speed automatic transmission was rebuilt in 2010 and the pinion and axle seals were subsequently replaced. The engine start immediately without smoke and the transmission is said to change gears properly and smoothly. A small fluid leak from the transmission. the engine bay and accessible undercarriage areas were painted and detailed, giving the car an impressively clean engine bay today. This 400 was fully repainted in correct Packard colors of Agate over Topaz in 2013; some of the original paint can still be seen in the door jambs. The paint is described as still being in excellent condition, with no blemishes.

Body repairs exist in small areas ahead of each rear wheel, but the seller says the 400 currently is free of rust. The car ’s grille, bumpers, trim and scripts all appear to be in good original condition, as does the foil-like insert to the contrasting bright side sweep. This Packard 400 is equipped with fender skirts. The elaborate escutcheon on the deck lid, incorporating the Packard badge, looks to be very well preserved. The glass and windows are said to be in very good shape, and the exterior lighting is reported to be functional.

Used 1955 48,975 miles Brown

  • Price: $20,000

  • Type: Cars Classics

  • Location: Fort Smith, AR

  • Condition: Used

  • Year: 1955

  • Color: Brown

  • Mileage: 48975

  • Transmission: Automatic

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