1958 Porsche 356 Project for sale $23,050

1958 Porsche 356A Coupe Here we have a car that just screams cool, a T2 A Coupe with overrider bars, it doesn t get much more 356 than this.

This car left the Factory in a very cool color of Aquamarine Blue Paint, which is a little darker than the coat of primer it is currently wearing, but no less striking. Work included new floors, new longitudinals,

new rockers, and a new battery box. The best floor pans were used, the good ones made by Simonson. The car was dis assembled for restoration and not all the parts made the trip. The car is in a coat of protective primer but is nowhere near ready for paint.

An A Coupe in Aquamarine Blue with a red interior is a serious combination and is probably just as popular now as it was in 1958. If you ve been looking for a really good A Coupe project with a lot of the heavy lifting done, you should look no further than this one.

Used 1958 Porsche 356 14,356 miles

  • Price: $23,050

  • Type: Cars Classics

  • Location: Phoenix, AZ

  • Condition: Used

  • Make: Porsche

  • Model: 356

  • Year: 1958

  • Mileage: 14356

  • Transmission: Manual

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