1939 Buick Phaeton Convertible Yellow for sale $20,600

This very rare 1939 Buick 4 �Door Convertible Phaeton (Model 41-C) is offered for your consideration.

The car is an older restoration that still presents well and runs perfectly. The car may certainly driven and enjoyed as it is, or it could be re-finished if one desired to show the car competitively. Mechanically and structurally the car is

in excellent condition. It starts, runs, and drives with no issues at all even after long periods of storage. One of the unique features of the Phaeton is the removable �B� pillar. With the top down and the �B� pillar removed, it became a completely open-air car.

With the top up and the �B� pillar installed, it took on the characteristics of a fully closed car.

Used 1939 2,340 miles Yellow

  • Price: $20,600

  • Type: Cars Convertibles

  • Location: Idaho Falls, ID

  • Condition: Used

  • Year: 1939

  • Color: Yellow

  • Mileage: 2340

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