1962 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible Matching Numbers Project Car for sale $18,500

1962 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible Matching Numbers Project Car.

For sale is this 62 Corvette 327/250hp Powerglide car. Matching numbers original Ermine White/Red interior car. Hardtop only car. One of the most complete cars I have ever seen. The only thing missing from what I have found is the jack, the ignition side shields and the air intake

tube, which is common. This is an incredibly complete and solid car that deserves to be back on the road. I immediately tore into it and started going through it. Here is a complete list of what I have now done and/or verified: Verified engine casting No.

and stamped pad # match VINVerified Distributor No. correct Verified Cylinder Nos correct Verified Exhaust Manifold Nos correct Verified PG Trans Nos correct Verified Ermine White as correct original color (Ivory wax pen marking found under paint behind passenger seat)Verified Intake is correct for 300hp car Verified Carb is correct for 300hp car Got lights, turn signals, hazards, horn, wipers, air intake vent all functioning Started disassembling engine for removal/rebuilding Removed Carb- needs rebuilt Removed Intake Manifold-cleaned, blasted and painted correct Removed Exhaust Manifolds-cleaned, blasted and painted correct Removed Cylinder Heads-need disassembly, cleaning and magnafluxing/rebuilding Drained fuel tank Put fresh oil and filter in before turning over Removed and disposed of exhaust headpipe, mufflers and tailpipe Freed up rear brake drums Patched tires so they all hold air Purchased (1) correct wheel to replace incorrect driver side front wheel Purchased a nice set of (4) correct Poverty/Dogdish hubcaps Started removing paint on passenger side rear quarter The frame on this car is solid.

It has rust scale, but I have thoroughly checked and tapped around this frame front to back and side to side with a pick hammer to verify it is solid.

There is about a 3 inch hole on the rear cross member at the very edge of the frame boxing on the passenger side but thats it. I had planned on pulling the motor and trans to send them out to be rebuilt and pull the body off the frame. I was going to blast and paint the frame and replace/rebuild all suspension components, bushings, rubber components and brake and fuel lines at that time, mount the motor trans then remount/paint the body. Interior is in really good shape but I would replace the seat vinyl and carpet. If a person wanted to you could put a matching 250hp carb and intake manifold on the car.

They are reasonably priced for this car. I think the 300hp stuff is an acceptable upgrade, as is the aluminum 340 hp Corvette Valve covers the car has as well. Great, complete and rare car that deserves to be back on the road. Clean clear title.

Used 1962 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

  • Price: $18,500

  • Type: Cars Convertibles

  • Location: Kalamazoo, MI

  • Condition: Used

  • Make: Chevrolet

  • Model: Corvette

  • Year: 1962

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