Sr. Specialist, Compliance

Resurgent Capital Services

Summary: The Sr.

Compliance Specialist establishes/coordinates the flow of complaints and ensures all deadlines are met. The person is the primary approver of all responses to regulatory complaints. Responsibilities: Reviews responses drafted by the Compliance Team to Complaints & Formal Inquiries received from regulators and consumers. Provides

final signoff on language used and response strategy before response is submitted to the regulator or consumer. Tracks and provides feedback on response effectiveness to Compliance Team and leads meetings with the Compliance Team to provide recommendations for improvement.

Understands and applies statutes and regulations, including but not limited to the FDCPA, FCRA and HIPAA. Acts as primary contact on escalated inquiries for the Compliance team-members, providing expert guidance throughout account investigations, and determines the action(s) to be taken as a result. Reviews and approves all proposed or actual actions taken by Compliance on accounts associated with Complaints. Recommends actions as needed. Escalates Compliance questions/issues raised as appropriate when account investigations reveal evidence of potential systemic issues.

Coordinates remediation efforts with other departments, relays observations and concerns and work directly with them to develop viable solutions to issues identified during complaint investigation. Manages and coordinates daily work obligations across the Compliance Team (e. g. ensuring inquiries are entered, responses are submitted, internal requests are resolved in timely fashion to meet or exceed deadlines and CTQs). Performs Quality Assurance checks on Compliance Team work. Works directly with management to mitigate recurring concerns. Coordinates the training of new Compliance Department team members and conducts ongoing training of team members.

Handles escalated customer inquiries not related to Complaints & Formal Inquiries. Assists Compliance team with challenging Customer Service calls and works with the team to boost overall confidence in this area. Reviews all changes to Compliance letter templates for regulatory and policy compliance through the appropriate method and within agreed timeframes. Coordinates with the Legal Team to review and approve one-off Compliance letter templates intended to be sent to customers and their representatives. Manages the review and approval process of Compliance Department documentation.

Assists in developing process flows for operation that will comply with all state/federal laws and regulations. Maintains the integrity and accuracy of all business records through manual changes and deletions using appropriate systems. Monitors timely resolution of compliance-related questions from Ask Compliance (internal), General Compliance (external), and Servicers. Represents Compliance in operational discussions regarding letter and process modifications. Accepts special tasks as necessary and assumes responsibility for successfully achieving objectives.

Coordinates and performs special projects as assigned by management. Assist, as needed, the CCO and senior leadership with other strategic compliance projects. Qualifications/Skills: 5+ years industry or company experience required. Previous supervision experience preferred. Extensive knowledge of legal statutes/ regulations, including but not limited to the FDCPA, FCRA, UDAAP, and HIPAA. Previous experience with CFPB, BBB, AGO, or other regulatory agencies is a plus. Ability to work on a team or independently with minimal supervision. Ability to thrive in high stress, potentially adversarial situations/conversations.

Comfortable supervising work process to ensure all Compliance obligations are met in timely fashion. Detail-oriented, analytic, and extremely organized. Ability to learn quickly and perform many different tasks. Must be a self-starter and willing to present process issues to management and/or executive personnel. Educational Requirements: Bachelor's degree or paralegal qualification required.

  • Type: Job

  • Location: Greenville, SC

  • Company: Resurgent Capital Services

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