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Position overview Join Hired and find your dream job as a Senior Backend Engineer at 1 of 10,000 companies looking for applicants just like you.

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of industries you ’re interested in, to find a job you ’ll love in less than two weeks. Being a senior backend engineer means that you are responsible for the construction and the efficiency of all the backend functionality for our website.

You are crucial in getting a project off and running. As a senior backend developer, you can integrate user-facing elements created by frontend developers with server-side logic, as well as build libraries and reusable code for future use. Our engineers are ambitious, multifaceted and can operate independently and in a team environment to get the job done. Responsibilities Using frameworks to build service-side software and integrate APIs and cloud computing Analyzing and compiling data, codes and processes to identify areas of improvement and resolve issues Work jointly with frontend developers along with other teammates to set up objectives, as well as design cohesive, functional script Think strategically, creatively and innovatively using sound judgment and computer skills Strong understanding of programming techniques and tools, as well as the web development cycle Record data and report findings to the appropriate parties Proficiency in writing and optimizing SQL queries Create security settings, restore and back up technologies for databases and web sites Work in a fast-paced, ambiguous environment while managing and prioritizing multiple responsibilities What Skills 4yrs background with backend web development 4yrs of background building well tested high volume, large-scale, distributed systems Background with programming languages like HTML, Ruby, PHP, Python, C# or Java Background with creating REST APIs and version control like Git Background with modern MVC frameworks such as Django, Rails, Pyramid, Flask, Sails and Laravel Background application architecture stacks, including API layer, business logic, data modeling, hosting, network and UI/UX Superb communication, time management, analytical, mathematical and problem-solving skills Keep up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology B.

S. in computer engineering, web development, computer science or equivalent background These Would Also Be Nice Background building mobile applications using Objective-C, Swift or Android Background with cloud development (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud) Background doing unit testing with Virtual Machines Background with Webpack by Jobble

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  • Location: Mount Vernon, WA

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