1965 Harley-Davidson Electraglide Panhead for sale $9,500

This is a beautiful 1965 FL Panhead Electra Glide.

As most of you know, there are quite a few milestones with this Harley. It is the last year for the Panhead engine. Obviously, it's the first year for the Electra Glide model as it is the first year for a 12 volt electrical system and electric start engine! Imagine a Panhead with electric start!

Look very cool and don't worry about the knee! The bike has just been painted to the most accurate color and paint scheme. I do not know what the original color was. The chrome that is original to the bike is in good condition. There are many new chrome parts.

The front end is all original, with all fluids changed and bearings checked. The front and rear tire are Dunlop white walls, 16" in size. They are brand new. The engine in the motorcycle has not been rebuilt in the 6 years I have owned it. The compression is great; 125 psi in the front, 130 psi in the rear. It does NOT smoke. The oil pump is original. The carburetor is an SS that I just re-jetted and it runs perfectly. The bike starts in two kicks, or one press of the button! I have the original Linkert M-74B carburetor which comes with the bike. I also have the uber rare 1965 only gas tanks.

additionally, the bike comes w/ the owners manual, repair manual, parts manual and restoration guide. The Pan is equipped with an electronic regulator mounted on the generator. The stock regulator is still mounted, but only for originality looks. The battery was replaced this year. Shown in the last pics are two late additions: a new luggage rack and a light bar for increased visibility. The transmission is in great shape. The clutch is new and smooth to operate. The rear chain is new, so obviously the front and rear sprockets are new. Both front and rear brakes are new with a new rear brake hub.

I have the original rear brake hub. The seat which is on the bike is a real leather solo seat. It is a very good reproduction. The hard bags are white, original, and are in great condition both color wise and function. The wiring is original. The directionals work, as does everything electrical. I have a spare ignition switch, but I've never had to use it. The speedometer has been replaced with a new reproduction speedometer. The mileage on the old odometer was 69,830. I do not have the old speedometer. I was told it was beyond repair. The frame is perfect. The stock running boards are original, as is most of the bike.

Even the mirrors are stamped H-D. The non-original parts to the best of my memory are the carburetor, regulator, distributor and gas tanks (I believe they are off a 1966 model)This bike was restored to grab attention and to ride with confidence. I have a fistful of receipts. By no means is this a show poodle, and as such there are some small flaws. The worst being a little rust on the rims. It's meant to be ridden, or someone with deep pockets can do a full blown restoration. All the numbers match and the bike.

Used 1965 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide 69,000 miles

  • Price: Unavailable

  • Type: Motorcycles Classic

  • Location: Birmingham, AL

  • Condition: Used

  • Year: 1965

  • Mileage: 69000

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