1968 Honda CT CT 90 1968 for sale $2,700

.and , again, for the second time, first a buddy of a neighbor and secondly, an Ebay person, someone bids at last minute and sez "oops, I didn't mean to do that." This is a motorcycle found after 4 decades of storage.

Family thought long gone. Under a pile of old drapes, bedding and supporting a plank with carpets, a sister called.I

got it! Here it is! Note the speedo. Gridley Growers, Gridley, CA. sold the bike to pop just like this in June, 1968 with a $15 dollar discount, NOTE: no speedo needle. My dad bought it, used it for hunting. He sure didn't care about speed in the woods! Grower mechanic gave my dad first oil change and tune-up, free.

Cool thing about this moto; dad was a six footer this would haul his deer and his big ol' self all over Coastal Range, Idaho and above Yosemite for quite a few years. it was placed in the shed, we thought around 1970's and we thought my dad sold it. But, rotted, dusted Sacramento newspapers, what was left of them, on seat indicate Dec. 21, 1972. Never saw light of day until September. Leaky roof and varmints. I have the original receipt of deposit and I've pictures of the back of the speedo before the 90 was road tested It was NOT tampered with.

680.9 miles when the restoration started. VIN on frame greased over for visibility. Note the engine and VIN #'s Items tossed: rear shocks, leaked, yellow plastic disintegrated. Headlight, smashed/front end plastic, yellow, disintegrated. Aftermarket. Tires/tubes, rotted. Brand new , aftermarket The seat lost the battle of mice, rats, and heavy planks. It has new foam and a cover. Note: chrome strip was saved. The cables and the ignition coil rotted. Cables, NOS. Coil, aftermarket. Exhaust, thought I could save it, rotted out at lower curve and entire bottom of muffler. This is a Honda aftermarket Forest Service approved spark arrestor, The HAWK 200!

Finally the tail light, also, lost the fight to weight of planks and carpet. Aftermarket. 10mm mirrors in a bag. CT90's take 8mm. Original skid pan. Spokes checked, ring true. Original exhaust clamps and heat guards. Engine lower, perfect. The clutch was inspected and adjusted. Works fine. The kick starter internals, perfect. Cylinder is.075 over, done by Utah Crankshaft and Engine block. Piston/rings/wrist pin new. Original's rusted solid. Head redone by ACE Motors of Reno , NV. Ground seats, new guides/seals/springs Bearings in neck greased, front end , greased.

ALL metal powder coated. Sprockets are ORIGINAL. Chain, new. Oil pump/screen checked fine. You STILL have to break in the engine.new piston/rings. Moves right along. Goes through the gears nicely. VIN frame and engine numbers match. Honda had a 105 numbers as a match+/- between frame/engine on assembly lines. It's all original save above explanations of plastic/fabric/metal rot and rust. You need to come get it or have a shipper haul it. I will store for 30 days after auction closed. Original CA. lic. plate, rear foot pegs, some original nuts/bolts and 1 never used larger carb; throats(intake) will NOT fit original air cleaner and there is the ORIGINAL fork lock.

Locksmith here, in Reno, wanted $75 to make a duplicate key. No thanks. There isn't any I found looking this good or mechanically as original as this. NONE with such low miles. Cashiers check drawn on your bank/credit union or cash if you come get it. Thanks for looking. Good luck. Title is from California. Thanks for looking. Hunting season is on folks.

Used 1968 Honda CT 683 miles, Yellow

  • Price: $2,700

  • Type: Motorcycles Classic

  • Location: Reno, NV

  • Condition: Used

  • Year: 1968

  • Color: Yellow

  • VIN: CT90 179466

  • Mileage: 683

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