1969 Honda Other Z50 for sale $1,800

The, " Flyin' Firecracker " Big title, little moto.

Again, pulled from family pile of old motos. Purchased 1970, San Rafael, CA. Original frame and entire front end. Front end is cleaned, lubed and has aftermarket boots. Headlight ears, smashed and long gone. Engine: semi-auto 70cc w/CDI. PC10 carburetor. Exhaust is school project

using Honda pipe w/ VW exhaust tip. Everything on moto is new aftermarket. Honda purists.take note.runs very well, starts within two kicks (for ME). Perfect learner moto for the kiddos. Teach a rider, chase parts at the races, ride the trails; take 'er to Finger Lakes, Lake of the Ozarks or Lake Havasu.ride the beach in Ocean City, MD.

You will have fun. Always a head turner. Runs and goes thru the gears very well. Exhaust , mellow. Thanks for looking. Come pick the moto up, have your own transport..OR. because of ALL transport rigs, way behind in vehicle movements, I will crate and ship COLLECT, you pay the freight when you pick the moto up from the trucking dock. I will crate the moto for $225.00. I will ship COLLECT, via ABF Freight Co. from ABF dock in Sparks, Nevada to the ABF freight dock nearest you. Freight costs, charged for this size and weight of the Honda Z50, cost one person in mid West Virginia $250.00, recently.

Another Z50 was shipped to Pueblo, Colorado and his collect bill was $236.00. You decide. Thanks for looking. Good luck. Z50 is " sold as-is" no warranty expressed or implied work of restoration , parts or shipping.

Used 1969

  • Price: $1,800

  • Type: Motorcycles Classic

  • Location: Reno, NV

  • Condition: Used

  • Year: 1969

  • VIN: Z50A 214869

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