New 2021 Trail Master Mini XRX-R+ Automatic with reverse for sale $2,049

2021 Trail Master Mini XRX-R+ Automatic with reverse The Mini XRX+ & XRX/R+ are some of our best selling Go-Karts.

The (+) is an update from the previous version…and has a wider frame, wider seat, extra legroom and best of all: much taller frame and bigger front and rear tires! Main Features: 163cc 5.5hp engine, Live Axle, Two-wheel Drive, Electric

Start w/Pull Start Back Up, LED Headlight, Remote Start/Kill, Adjustable Sports Seat, Adjustable Pedal, Five Point Safety Seatbelt, Speed Governor, Horn, (The [R] version has reverse) Age group: 4 to 9 yrs. Mini XRX+ & XRX/R+ ASSEMBLED comes in almost assembled in the crate already, tires, shocks, seat and etc.

are pre-assembled, dealer only needs to put on roll cages, steering wheel, gas tank, charge battery and fill tank. Features may include: Live Axle Two-wheel Drive Electric Start w/Pull Start Back Up LED Headlight Remote Start/Kill Adjustable Sports Seat Adjustable Pedal Five Point Safety Seatbelt Speed Governor Horn Age Group: 4-12 yrs

New 2021 Pink

  • Price: $2,049

  • Type: Motorcycles Mini & Pocket

  • Location: 2750 Browns Bridge Rd., Gainesville, GA

  • Condition: New

  • Year: 2021

  • Color: Pink

  • VIN: L0BBTRAY7M0000936

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