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Russian Blue 3 Kittens

May 20 Trumbull Connecticut


2014 Honda Goldwing 2014 Honda Goldwing

May 18 Olathe Kansas



Brand New Haulmark Low Hauler Motorcycle Trailer 7x14 ramp

May 17 Goshen Indiana



2022 7 x 16 sport package New enclosed cargo motorcycle

May 10 Fort Valley Georgia



Kendon Ride-Up Premium Single motorcycle trailer Stand -Up

May 07 Boulder City Nevada


Lakota chopper motorcycle trailer

Apr 26 Haysville Kansas


1996 American Ironhorse Custom built motorcycle trailer by

Apr 26 Haysville Kansas



Motorcycle Trailer

Apr 19 Gwynn Oak Maryland



Apr 19 Weatherford Oklahoma



Pace 14 X 7 X 6 Motorcycle Trailer

Apr 18 Gainesville Texas



New 2022 Triton Trailers Utility FIT Series All Aluminum FIT1064

Apr 08 Gainesville Georgia



2022 red black 6 x 12 enclosed single motorcycle trailer

Mar 25 Fort Valley Georgia



2022 aluma mc10 New single motorcycle aluminum trailer w air

Mar 25 Fort Valley Georgia



Microlite Twister TR 7 Teardrop trailer for motorcycles and

Mar 22 Scottsburg Indiana



Motorcycle Trailer

Mar 22 Gwynn Oak Maryland


Aluma MC210 Motorcycle or ATV or Whatever Trailer

Mar 20 Scottsdale Arizona


2022 red black 6 x 12 enclosed single motorcycle trailer

Mar 18 Macon Georgia



2022 aluma mc10 New single motorcycle aluminum trailer w air

Mar 17 Macon Georgia



2012 BMW K-Series motorcycle and trailer

Mar 13 San Jose California



Stinger Motorcycle Trailer Twin Cruiser Foldable

Mar 07 North Hollywood California


What are the Different Types of Motorcycle Trailers for Sale?

Motorcycle Trailer For Sale When figuring out what type of motorcycle trailer for sale you should look into, it’s a good idea to first understand the available options. And there are actually a few distinct new and used motorcycle trailers for sale you will encounter, each offering its benefits that might be important in your situation. Let’s go over the three main types below so that you can search for “used motorcycle trailers for sale near me” with confidence.

Open Rail

If you have more than one bike and want to comfortably carry them all on your trailer, then an open rail motorcycle trailer for sale is an excellent option. It has a simple flatbed as the foundation of the trailer, which means that it weighs less and is easier to transport. But at the same time, when you consider these types of used motorcycle tow-behind trailers for sale, you still get a very stable build that will help safely transport your motorbikes. However, because they are exposed, you won’t get a lot of protection from the elements or debris that the motorcycles might be exposed to as you’re transporting them.

Open Flatbed

Another popular option is an open flatbed trailer, of which you can find plenty of ads for used motorcycle trailers for sale by owner. These types of trailers are pretty universal and can be used to transport almost any type of equipment or materials, not just your motorbikes. And when getting a trailer, that’s something worth considering. However, just like with the open rail trailer, this type of trailer offers limited protection from the elements.

Enclosed Trailer

When you’re looking for “used pull behind motorcycle trailer for sale near me,” you will likely find various enclosed options. And since they are enclosed, they offer the best possible protection for your motorcycle. Just as with the flatbed trailer, you can use it for many purposes, and you will always be sure that your cargo will be protected from the elements.

What Should You Look for in a Motorcycle Trailer for Sale?

Since you can’t drive your motorcycle everywhere you go, the only way to take it with you on all of your trips is to buy a motorcycle trailer. And now that you know the main types of used enclosed motorcycle trailers for sale, you can start looking at specific listings.

But you still need to understand the primary considerations you should be aware of before making a purchase. Here are just a few to keep in mind:

Low Profile. Loading and unloading your bike can be a hassle. So make sure that the motorcycle trailer for sale you go with has a lower profile and height for easy access.

Enclosed. Even though open trailers are a viable option, looking for “enclosed motorcycle trailers near me” might be your best choice. Enclosed trailers simply offer more protection for cargo like your motorcycle.

Size. The size of the trailer is another important consideration. If you only need it to fit one motorcycle, a smaller trailer might suffice. But consider that if you ever need to transport multiple bikes or plan to use it on other types of cargo, a wider and more spacious trailer makes more sense.

Weight. Finally, you should think about how much the trailer weighs and whether your truck can pull it. Large trailers might be an issue for a regular car, so unless you have a heavy-duty truck, consider the weight and how much cargo you will carry and think about finding a single motorcycle trailer for sale.

Safety. Finally, you need to consider how safe the motorcycle trailer for sale you are buying really is. That includes how the bikes are secured, whether the trailer has lights to provide visibility to other drivers, and if it’s stable enough to be driven on various terrains.

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